Lime-tequila Fillets
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 31, 2010

What you need.

One to two pounds fish fillets

Three tablespoons olive oil

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

Salt to taste

Three cloves minced garlic

One teaspoon oregano

One teaspoon dry crushed red chili pepper

Two ounces tequila

Two limes – cut into quarters


What You Do.

Coat a large non stick skillet with the olive oil and put on medium high heat. While skillet begins to heat rub the fillets with the garlic and salt, then grind the fresh pepper over the fish. Put the fish into the hot skillet and sprinkle with the chili peppers and oregano. Cook for about two minutes on one side and carefully turn over and cook an additional two minutes (depending on thickness,fish is done when it flakes) on the other side. Now pour in the tequila and Very Carefully ignite the tequila with a match. When alcohol has burned off squeeze the fresh limes over each fillet and serve over buttered rice with fresh melons or fruit as a garnish.

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