Mandarin Grouse
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 31, 2010

What you need.

Two grouse or pheasant breasts (cut into half inch strips)

One clove garlic – minced

Quarter teaspoon white pepper

Half teaspoon salt

Four Tablespoons peanut oil

One head of leaf lettuce (red or green)

One small can Mandarin oranges

One small can water chestnuts – halved or quartered

Quarter cup peanuts

Three Baby carrots cut paper thin

Honey Dijon dressing of choice


What you do.

Fry the Grouse in the next four ingredients, being sure not to over cook breast strips. When juices run clear in breasts they are done. In the meantime tear apart the lettuce into bite size pieces. Mix all the salad ingredients except for the dressing and put on individual dinner plates. Top off the salad with the cooked grouse and pour the honey dressing of choice over the salad. This is a light, tasty, and filling dish.

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