Sizzling Venison Sausage
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 31, 2010

What you need.

One pound venison link sausage

Two medium onions quartered

Two cloves garlic – minced

Two stalks celery – sliced

One green bell pepper – seeded and sliced lengthwise

Half pound fresh button mushrooms – sliced

Half teaspoon black pepper

One teaspoon ground red pepper

Salt to taste while cooking

Canola oil

Four cups cooked white rice


What you do.

In a large skillet heat about four tablespoons canola oil. Add the sausage links and fry until done. Remove from skillet and slice diagonally. Put back in same pan and add all the remaining ingredients except for the cooked rice. Cook until vegetables are cooked but still crisp and remove from heat. Serve on individual plates. Put a portion of rice on each plate and ladle the sausage vegetable mixture over the rice. Serve with a cold beverage because this is a bit spicy. If melons are in season they complement this meal well.