Skewered Shrimp And Venison Fondue
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 31, 2010

Skewered Shrimp Recipe

What You Need.

One pound medium to large shrimp-cleaned and shelled

One cup chunked pineapple

Bamboo skewers (or shis-ka-bob-sticks)

Four cloves fresh minced garlic

Quarter cup olive oil

One tablespoon dry sweet basil

One large onion – cut into chunks


What you do.

Soak the bamboo in water and then alternate the shrimp, pineapple and onion on each skewer until filled. Mix the olive oil, garlic and basil and baste the shrimp sticks while grilling.

Venison Fondue

What you need.

One to two pounds of venison-cut into small pieces

Three tablespoons red wine vinegar

Quarter cup olive oil

Half teaspoon powdered garlic

Half cup flour

Cooking oil-peanut or canola


What You Do.

Soak the venison in the well mixed olive oil, garlic and vinegar for about two hours in the refrigerator. Remove from mix dip in flour and cook as you normally would in a fondue pot.