Venison Burgundy
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 31, 2010

What you need.


Two pounds venison steaks cut into one inch cubes

Half teaspoon salt

Half teaspoon garlic powder

Half teaspoon ground black pepper

Half cup flour

One cup dry red wine

One can beef broth

One tablespoon tomato puree

One teaspoon dry thyme

Eight ounce sliced fresh mushrooms

Eight ounce fresh baby carrots

One medium onion quartered

One twelve ounce package egg noodles

One teaspoon corn starch


What you do.


Take the cubed venison and put into a ziplock bag with the next four ingredients. Shake and coat well. Now in a large fry pan coated with vegetable spray, brown the venison. Now add the wine, puree, thyme, mushrooms, carrots and onion. Cover and cook for ten minutes on low heat, simmer just enough to keep the mixture bubbling. While venison is simmering mix the corn starch and beef broth and add to the venison and cook for an additional twenty minutes. You want the venison to have a thick gravy texture, but not too thick.


About ten minutes before the venison is done, cook the noodles, drain and put on a large serving platter, ladle the venison over the noodles and garnish with fresh tomato wedges. Enjoy with hot fresh baked bread.

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