Outdoorsman Christmas List

Christmas List
By Hookemharry

Posted: December 14, 2010

The time is now to start thinking what you are going to buy the person that hunts and fishes on your Christmas list. If you want my two cents worth, I would get that person something that he or she would definitely use. I for one love to get simple items that I can use every day, things like socks, a sweatshirt, a tackle box, a box of shells, and even a pair of long underwear to help me keep warm this winter. When you buy a gift that you know they will use it makes it that more special. Plus the recipient of your gift doesn’t’ have to spend the time to exchange it. We all have heard “I need to buy a Christmas gift for so and so and he or she already has everything”. A gift card always works well.  There are also many exciting items for the outdoor person that are new to the market that would make a great gift. One more tip to help get you through this holiday season. Attach a dollar amount to the people on your gift list. It might help you get your shopping done quicker. For example you might have a person on your list you want to spend up to $10 on or another person you feel comfortable spending up to $50 on or maybe you have no limit. In anycase I thought I would give you some gift ideas that might just give you a head start.

A duck, goose, elk, coyote, turkey or cow elk call

A box of shotshells

A GPS unit equipped with BLM maps, National Forest Maps, and Landowner Maps

Membership in an organization like Montana Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife

Four small LED flashlights so they can have one for the car, home, boat, and camper

A leatherman tool

Four or five crankbaits good for trout, walleye, or northern anglers

A hand or gas ice augur.

A sportsman sled to haul gear

Chef Vince cookbook

A bucket with a nice swivel seat, good for a waterfowl blind or for ice fishing.

A pair of rag wool gloves and a pair of winter smart wool socks

A 12-volt operated electric air pump for low tires or rafts

A dozen of assorted flies

Tip-ups if the angler on your list likes to ice fish for walleye or pike

A pair of sunglasses

A nice wool stocking hat

Any warm flannel long sleeve shirt (buy it big)

A fanny pack to keep gloves and stocking hats all in one place

An ice strainer (it helps them clear ice out of their ice fishing hole)


A knife

Pair of binoculars

A spotting scope

A box of hand, toe, and foot warmers

A digital waterproof camera that good for still pictures and movies

A rangefinder up to 1000 yards

A gift card for a restaurant

If they own a RV then a gift card at an RV store will always come in handy

If they like to work on things a gift card to a parts or hardware store


Have fun shopping, I hope the list helps and have a Merry Christmas!