Missouri River Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: January 21, 2012

This fishing report is from The Captain’s brother, Dan Ward, in South Dakota.  Dan and Jon (pictured) were walleye fishing on the Missouri River and a body of water near Bryant, SD (The Caps hometown).

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e decided to take off Sunday morning, the 8th of January.  The river was open but when we got there we had to bust through about 6 miles of 1/2 to 3/4 inch ice to get to Stove Creek mouth. The biggest fish we caught was 23 inches.  We missed lots of bites learning how to fish. That night, we found out once you find them, don’t go searching. That was mistake one.

When you get a bite, play tug of war with it until you feel the second bit.  Don’t set hook when you feel weight on line. Mistake two.

Even after no bites for 30 to 45 minutes don’t move because they are still there. Mistake three.

We also should of used the electric with the anchor mode on. It will drift off GPS readings for about 8′, then correct.  As you can see, I learned a lot from this trip and we traveled a lot of miles in a day, but it was fun.

Last Sunday, Jonny and 6 of his buddies called me to go fish Dry Lake, by Willow Lake. We did pretty good and came home with a limit of 4 each. They all were in the range of 16 to 21 inches and were nice fish. The water is so clear, if your about 10′ down, with dark shack, you can watch the walleye come up and bite the minnow. It was really cool.

Check out his video of the Captain walleye fishing on the Missouri River in South Dakota.