Interactive Wolf Sighting Map
By Kjel

Posted: February 8, 2012

Northwest Wolf Sightings map  is an interactive google earth map that shows up to date citizen reports of wolf sightings in the Northwest including ID, MT, OR, WA, and WY states.  Dr. Damon Popovics created this map as a place that residents in the Northwest can go to educate themselves about wolf sightings and encounters in their area based on reported first-hand resident reports. The Founder, Dr. Damon Popovics has turned this project into a non-profit and thus far has self funded the entire project (about $1000) and put in easily over 100 hours into it.  His commendable work could prove to be a huge resource for hunters attempting to harvest a wolf in Montana.

Damon, living in Orofino Idaho has better connections and promotion in Idaho, thus showing more wolf sightings in that area. The Montana Outdoor Radio Show hopes that we can help grow connections throughout Montana in order to increase the value of the Northwest Wolf Sightings Map to hunters in our state.

As the need for wolf management in Montana and Idaho continues to grow, sharing information on wolf sightings can help us manage wolf numbers in our region. The management of wolves will take a state-wide group effort. Unlike other types of hunting where sharing insightful information on locations of different species is not always of best interest, wolf hunting tactics should be different. As we are seeing this year in Montana, reaching wolf hunting quotas in many regions is becoming a difficult task. Hunters need to work together in order to manage wolves to the best of our abilities in order to maintain populations of other species we have traditionally hunted.  Sharing the locations of recently observed wolves in Montana and Idaho will hopefully prove to be a valuable resource in getting closer to reaching the designated quotas for the management of wolves in the Northwest.

To view the map click here… Or visit at a later time.

Here is a little more from Dr. Damon Popovics on how and why this all came about:

I started this wolf mapping program on 9/29/11 after my wife came across a fresh wolf-killed elk cow just a few miles from our house in North Central Idaho while she was on horseback with a friend and our dogs. After hearing many others in the area with similar encounters, I decided to start mapping them to see just how many there were.

Well one turned into five, and five turned into twenty, and twenty quickly turned into 100. First it was limited to my county, then expanded statewide, then I was asked to expand the map to include MT, OR, WA, and eventually WY. As of today on 2/01/12, the little map I created has gathered 386 fans on Northwest Wolf Sightings Facebook page and 7630 map views in just over 4 months!

My intent is to create a place that residents in the Northwest can go to educate themselves about wolf sightings and encounters in their area based on reported first-hand resident reports. That way hikers, campers, horse riders, hunters, and prospectors can be better educated about the dangers of the wilderness, as well as the proximity to populated areas that wolves may be.

Some posts may be pro-wolf and some may be anti-wolf. My request is that the forum remain civil. Regardless of where I stand on the issue (those who know me know my views), I will remain impartial and not corrupt the data presented to me. Whether you choose to use the map to relocate a camping trip or hike, to listen to the wolves howl, or to use it to plan your next wolf hunting trip it is up to you.

Please use the link on the home page to report any sightings and I will update the map promptly. Photos are also welcomed and can be plotted on the map as well.


Dr. Damon Popovics


By: Kjel Olson

Montana Outdoor Radio Show