Professional Angler Pat Slater Joins MORS Team as Blogger
By Kjel

Posted: February 5, 2012

Hi Everyone,

This is the first of my weekly posts. I’m looking forward to sharing lessons and techniques I use to make my time fishing enjoyable, productive and fun. As a member of Mack’s Lure and Ranger Boats Pro Staffs, I’ve spent a great deal of time experimenting with different fishing ideas and methods. Many of the tricks I use now are the result of some problem I’ve had to solve. I’ll be passing along tips others have shared with me that I’ve found valuable, as well as some I’ve simply figured out and what works for me.

Our winter in Wyoming and Montana, has been pretty mild for the most part. We’ve not experienced subzero temps for any extended period of time but there is still some winter ahead and like many of you, my feet get cold at times. When I expect to be on the ice or in any situation where my snowpacs may not do the job, I have a little trick that helps keep the lower extremities warm. I take two small chemical hand warmers and activate them, placing one in each of my front pants pockets. This positions them on or near the femoral artery in my legs helping to warm the blood flowing to my feet. If my lower back is bothering me, I’ll place a larger one in the small of my back and it does the same thing for my feet but also keeps my back from stiffening up. Also, I try not to over tighten the laces on my boots which allows for better circulation. These techniques will work anytime you have trouble keeping warm while enjoying the outdoors.

As an avid walleye fisherman, I’m looking forward to talking about how to put more “Eyes” into the boat! If you have questions please ask and I’ll do my best to respond to each of you. Until next week… Have fun and Be safe!


Pat Slater

National Professional Angler Association #757