Be More Consistent In Trolling Presentations: Professional Angler Pat Slater’s Tip of the Week
By Kjel

Posted: May 22, 2012

Last week I wrote about how important ‘Repeatability’ in trolling is and I would like to continue on with that same discussion. 

I try to use crankbaits of the same type and size on each pass which should mean the baits will run in a similar fashion.  I adjust the speed of the boat by watching the lure beside the boat before letting out a predetermined amount of line.  Checking how the lure is running beside the boat will also tell you if it is tuned properly.  We may use different brands on the other side if they are speed comparable, (as an example 2 – size 5 Shad Raps and 2 – size 5 Wally Divers.  Again, I’m looking to duplicate success or have a solid base to make adjustments.

I’ll run a set of crankbaits for a specific length of time before making changes in color patterns.  During each pass I will make ‘S’ turns with the boat which will change the speed of the baits without changing the speed of the trolling motor.  This is where paying attention is critical…if you get a strike on a turn, note whether it was on an outside bait (going faster) or inside bait (going slower). This will help you adjust your trolling speed to what the fish want.  If I’m getting strikes, I won’t make any wholesale changes until I have a third strike on the same combination.

I hope this information will help you be more consistent in your trolling presentations.  Next week I’ll talk a little about trolling crawler harnesses.

Til next time….Be Smart and Be Safe!

Pat Slater
Pro Staff: Mack’s Lure & Ranger Boats
National Professional Angler Association #757

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