Mack Day’s Final Week Update
By Kjel

Posted: May 14, 2012

The numbers just keep going up and up. Anglers in the 2012 Spring Mack Days Fishing Event have turned in a total of 29,855 lake trout in the twenty seven days of the thirty four day event. Beautiful blue skies and calm water has given the weather weary anglers a break. Mack Days are sponsored by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and sanctioned by Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks.

Leading the event is Don Beville of Lakeside with 1,173 and a 55.5 eighteen day average. Mike Benson of Lonepine is holding on to second with 1,018 and 45.6 avg., Jason Mahlen of Kalispell-3rd-969 and 44.4, Craig Morigeau-Polson-4th 944 and 45.1, Scott Bombard-Missoula-5th with 851 and 36.8, 6th-Steve Benson-Four Lakes WA.-839 and 37.6, 7th-Danny Smith-Hot Springs-765 and 36.6, 8th Jerry Benson-Plains-760 and 33.5, 9th-Larry Schmill-Missoula-649 and 31.0, 10th-David McDaniel-Polson-635 and 33.3. The top ten anglers will be placed by the 18 day average. The top ten anglers will receive sweatshirts and cash prizes beginning at $700-$200. The top angler will receive a Mack Days jacket.

Tanner Murry of Columbia Falls is in 1st place in the 13-17 age category with 284, 2nd-Connor Kowalski of Florence-249, 3rd-Garrett Beville-Lakeside-130, 4th-Kobe Cox-Charlo-123, and 5th-Roger Guillory-Kalispell-72. The 12 & Under group is lead by Garett Vaughan of Charlo with 216, 2nd-Danner Shima-Kalispell-86, 3rd-Dylan Hodgson-Kalispell-58, 4th-Alex Moran-Arlee-31, and 5th-Carson McDaniel-Polson-24.

Tracy Powers of Missoula has 301 in the ladies division with Susan Martin of Polson-2nd bringing in 282, Nicole Peters-Missoula-3rd- with 183, Deana Knipe-Polson-4th-132, and Debbie O’Hara-St. Ignatius has 49 for fifth.

There is still a $10,000 tagged lake trout out there along with 5-$5,000, and 10-$1,000 and over 4,000 lake trout with values from $100-$500. Catching $100 tagged lake trout over the ninth weekend were: Kobe Cox-Charlo, Don Beville x 2,-Lakeside, Jason Mahlen-Kalispell, Larry Schmill-Missoula, Craig Morigeau-Polson, Brandt Hammernick-Missoula, Garett Vaughan-Charlo x 2, Ryan Shima-Kalispell, Jason Kowalski-Florence, Danner Shima-Kalispell x 2, Jerry Benson-Plains, Matt Guckenberg-Kalispell, Willie Murry-Columbia Falls, Marty Noyd-Missoula, Dean Vaughan-Charlo x 2, Stan Ross-Kalispell, Connor Kowalski-Florence, Larry Ashwell-Missoula. Hammernick and David McDaniel-Polson turned in $200 tagged lake trout.

Food banks from Whitefish to Missoula and beyond are receiving fish from the event. These fish are being processed by a staff of hard working people-Gilbert Michel-Ronan, LeAnn Chavez-Pablo, Bruce Mastes-Elmo, Brian Hewankorn-Polson, Matt Nicolai-Polson, Elliott Bockman-Polson, Brittany Courville-Pablo, and Alex Finley-Pablo. They have processed 90% of the lake trout entered in the event.

The event will conclude on May 20th with a fish fry and awards beginning at 4:00 at the Blue Bay campground for the anglers, friends, and family. Awards will begin at 5:00.

Entries are taken until the last day of the event. Information about the event, bull trout identification, fishing tips, etc. can be found at


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