Rivers Are On The Rise, But Lots of Action on The MO in John Perry’s Fly Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: May 18, 2012

The rivers are coming up again in Western Montana. There can be a bit of fishing on Rock Creek right now-but don’t expect it too be awesome. A few fisherman are still catching fish on girdle buggers, pat’s rubber legs, and a variety of streamers-mostly in the brown and yellow colors. Anyway, once again I would head to the Missouri River. There is a great caddis hatch coming out and nymph fishing is still awesome with midge patterns, lightning bugs, and bead headed bwo patterns. Also, if it is cloudy, you can have a lot of fun going after fish that are sucking down baetis and other mayflies. If your preference is streamer fishing-best time is in the mornings and evenings unless it is cloudy and windy-then the day can be very good too. Best colors are brown and yellow combos for most. Off white patterns are working too.

Good luck!


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