Canyon Ferry is hot with the “Slow Death” – Montana Walleye Fishing Report
By Kelsey

Posted: July 6, 2012

Paul Lindsoe from Three Forks took a few days walleye fishing on Canyon Ferry last week. This last trip Paul fished mainly with slow death hooks tipped with a crawler. He had some great days on the water and caught an awful lot of fish. Here is his latest Montana walleye fishing report.

“I caught and released 70 walleyes last Friday by myself, done by 3pm. In four partial days of fishing we caught over 150 eyes. All on slow death . Caught 50 more with the family yesterday, slow death again. Lost a giant walleye at boat side, released a few 17-19 inchers. Of all those eyes, we kept only about 25-30, 14-16 inchers. We release em all over 17 inches. Caught a nice bluegill on Canyon Ferry too on Saturday, check out the picture. Also snagged a line with a dead and decomposing 14 inch catfish or bullhead on it.”

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