Breaking News – FWP Approves Wolf Trapping for 2012-13 Montana Hunting Season
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 12, 2012

The FWP Commission approved trapping of wolves for the first time as well as raising the wolf limit from one to three wolves per hunter.

Although this was not the most popular decision upon people who attended public comment sessions, the majority made the decision that they did not see trapping or even the higher limits to be a threat to the wolf population to the point of danger.

“The idea that we’re going to wipe out wolves through hunting is fairly far-fetched,” said Commissioner Dan Vermillion of Livingston.

“All of this is consistent with Montana’s wolf-management plan. … The goal is not to exterminate wolves, it’s to manage them.”

When will the wolf hunting season start?

The season is scheduled to run September 15 thru February 30, 2013. (archery hunters can start 2 weeks before general start date of 9/15)

Will wolf trapping have the same dates?

Actually, the trapping season won’t start until December 15th, 2012. FWP will be conducting an early December review of the wolf harvest so that they can make any last minute adjustments needed for the rest of the season.

The commission voted four-to-zero in favor of the new hunting regulations after nearly two hours of public comment, with wolf advocates from all over the state pleading their case. They stated that “the trapping is not necessary, and goes to far”.

Advocates for HUNTING Wolves from numerous trapping groups, stood up for their belief and came prepared to win. The final jurisdiction was that “trapping clearly falls within the paramaters of the state’s wolf management plan.”

What are your thoughts on the 2012/2013 Montana Wolf Trapping?

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