Montana’s SuperTag Winners Announced
By Kjel

Posted: July 18, 2012

Hunters from Montana, Alaska, Michigan, and South Dakota will get another shot at the dream this fall after winning Montana’s antelope, bighorn sheep, bison, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, and mountain lion SuperTag lotteries. Winners may hunt any district open to the species for which they won a SuperTag license.

The eight winners drawn Monday are:

Antelope: Jeffery Llewellyn—Stevensville, Mont.
Bighorn sheep: Anita Leach—Harlowton, Mont.
Bison: Steven Hemmer—Colman, S.D.
Deer: Thomas Fales—Gladwin, Mich.
Elk: Chad Bestor—Kenai, Alaska
Moose: William Vosbeck—Helena, Mont.
Mountain goat: Ryan Spiekermeier—Plains, Mont.
Mountain lion: Petra Burney—Loma, Mont.

While resident and nonresident hunters could buy an unlimited number of $5 chances to win any Montana SuperTag hunting license, among this year’s winners only four—Bestor, Hemmer, Leach, and Spiekermeier— purchased five or more chances. As in past years, 2012 SuperTag chances for the bighorn sheep license were the most popular among hunters with 41,081 chances sold. Hunters purchased 10,904 chances on elk; 8,634 on moose; 5,635 on mountain
goat; 3,653 on bison; 3,507 on deer; 1,833 on antelope, and 1,172 on mountain lion. Montana residents purchased a total of 31,278 chances compared to 45,141 purchased by nonresidents. Sales revenue for all eight drawings combined will provide more than $382,000 to enhance public hunting access and boost FWP enforcement efforts. Hunters who purchased a SuperTag chance can visit, and click “Check Your Drawing Status” to see how they fared in the
computerized random drawing.

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