Shrimp And Perch Wraps
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 23, 2012

What you need.

Two pounds jumbo shrimp (peel and clean leaving tails attached)

One pound yellow perch fillets (or other white fleshed workable fish fillets)

Three cloves garlic minced

Half teaspoon red pepper

One cup extra virgin olive oil

Dried sweet basil – one teaspoon

Salt to taste

Fresh fruit of choice and melon slices

Four cups cooked and buttered white rice

Tooth picks


What you do.

Coat a large fry pan with vegetable spray. Leave half the olive oil in reserve for frying. Mix the other half of olive oil with the, sweet basil, red pepper and garlic in a small bowl. Take each shrimp and wrap with a small perch fillet and secure with a tooth pick. Continue this process with all the shrimp. Now, heat the olive oil in the pan to medium heat. Place the shrimp/perch in the pan and baste them with the garlic seasoning mixture while cooking. Lightly brown on one side and turn, baste and finish cooking on other side. Salt to taste. Take a cup of the cooked and buttered rice and place in middle of large dinner plate and arrange the cooked shimp/perch in a spiral fashion over the rice. Next arrange the fruit on one side and the thinly sliced melon on the other side. Serve with summer beverage of choice and enjoy.