Top 5 Fly Fishing Rivers In Montana During July
By Kjel

Posted: July 17, 2012

July can be a fantastic month to get out fly fishing in Montana. Whether you are looking for your next weekends fishing destination or are planning a fishing trip to Montana, there are opportunities all across the state to have a successful outing. Fly fishing throughout the state has been fantastic lately and should continue to fish well if we can avoid long stretches of hot weather.  Because they weather has been warm the past few weeks Montana’s Rivers all have one thing in common right now… Fishing in the morning and evening when the weather is cooler is when the majority of the fish will be on the feed. Check out the top 5 fly fishing rivers in Montana during July below.

Yellowstone River: Hands down the Yellowstone is the place to be in Montana. The river is still a bit much to wade fish so floating is your best bet.  Until the past 2 days fisherman have been reporting unreal days on the Stone. However, with the recent rain the river has muddied up pretty good and will need another day or so to return to the hot action is has been providing the past couple weeks.  Running a big attractor with a trailing smaller dry (PMD, Caddis, or Yellow Sally) or dropping a deeper nymph will provide great action all day. To view current water color from the rain and mud slides check out this web cam of the river located near Gardiner Montana.

Hot Flies: Chubby chernobles, attractors, hoppers, PMD’s , Sallies, and caddis

The Missouri: Missouri continues to fish provide great fishing! You can wade fish or float fish and cast the 1000’s of fishing rising to the surface for dry flies. The Missouri is best early and late in the day and a bit tougher during the heat of the day.  In the mornings you should have good PMD and Trico action. Starting mid day and lasting into the evening the Caddis will be the name of the game.  A word of caution when fishing the Missouri, “Use a soft hook set or you will break every off every fish that eats your dry.”

Hot Flies: CDC Emergers, Tricos, Spent Caddis, PMD’s

Thompson River:  The Thompson is really fishing great in the a.m. and the p.m. and provides a great wade fishing opportunity without the crowds.  PMD’s in the morning and caddis in the evening is the name of the game. Large attractor patterns like a chubby Chernobyl with a dropper should work throughout the day as well.

Hot Flies: PMD’s, Elk hair caddis, chubby chernobyl’s, yellow sallies copper johns, and grass hoppers are just around the corner.

Bitterroot River: The Root has been great float fishing and the wade fishing opportunities are getting better by the day! You can leave your nymph box at home and expect to catch fish on dries all day. With most rivers across the state it is best to be on the water early and late. The river temps are already approaching the the 60’s so its best to give the fish a break during the heat of the day.

Hot Flies: Yellow sallies, small goldens, caddis, and PMDS, attractors, and look for the hopper fishing to improve with each passing day

Rock Creek: Rock creek provides a fantastic wade fishing opportunity this time of year. The river has been fishing great with a variety of bugs. Again, with most rivers it is best early and late. The river temp has been getting into the 60’s so be cautious and respectful of the fish.  If you are looking of great opportunity to wade fish and catch a bunch of fish on dry flies Rock Creek is the place to be!

Hot Flies: PMD’s, Caddis, Golden Stones, Attractor patterns, Green Machine, Red Machine, Stimis, and hoppers fishing will improve in the coming days.

Fishing Reports and information provided by Kjel Olson and Scott Anderson with Montana Fishing Company. . If you have Family coming to town and want to treat them to a guided fly fishing or spin fishing trip please contact Scott Anderson Owner/Outfitter 406-210-0971.

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