Missoula Area Fly Fishing is Improving with Cooler Weather
By Kjel

Posted: August 29, 2012


The Blackfoot is really fishing well now with the cooler evening temps. Spruce moths continue to be the fly of choice! Attractors and hoppers still have the fish looking up but don’t be afraid to nymph the deeper holes during the heat of the day. September promises to be a fantastic fishing month on the Blackfoot!

Bitterroot River

The Root has picked back up as evening temps have cooled the river off. Tricos and mayfly patterns control the morning with some hoppers and attractors working during the day. The root will continue to improve greatly as we reach into September.

Clark Fork:

The Clark Fork continues to fish well.  Dead drifting rubber legs and wooly buggers will produce fish. Hoppers and attractors continue to get fish looking up as well. Look for groups of fish rising and work them with tricos, or even a royal wulff.  Fishing just before dark promises to show many fish looking to the surface.

Rock Creek:

Rock Creek Mercantile Reports the following.  “Despite the smoke and haze, fishing the past few days has been surprisingly good.  We finally have a break in the hot weather, and that should leave the water temperature in much better shape in the afternoons.  Red and yellow humpies have been the most consistent pattern over the past couple weeks, but you can also do very well on rubber-legged grasshoppers, yellow stimulator, purple hazes, spruce moths, as well as the traditional caddis and PMDs.  And of course, you can trail several small nymphs behind many of these flies.  Try small copper Johns or lightning bugs. 

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