High Temps and High Fatality Rates when Fly Fishing for Montana Native Fish
By Kelsey

Posted: August 4, 2012

Scott Anderson of the Montana Fish Company has shared with us tips on how to prevent fish injury during the hottest month of the summer. See the small things that you can do to take part in  Montana Fly Fishing and it’s future.

A day off, fly fishing in Missoula, Montana.

I have been working for too many days in a row.  It is nice to take time to go out on your own every now and then.  I recently hiked into the Bob Marshal Wilderness Area to do a little fly fishing.  Very cold water can still be found in Montana if you are willing to go find it.  Our rivers have been heating up during the day causing the chance of death to our native fish here in Montana.

Things we can to as fishermen and women to keep from injuring fish in the rivers are as follows;  Try to fish before 2:00 pm in the day.  The water temp rises and it is hard on the fish all around.  Try to use barbless hooks so the fish are easily to release. Try not to touch the fish at all cost.  If you have to handle the fish do so with extreme caution.  Wet your hands first then release the fish immediately. 

 These are just a few things we can do to make sure that native trout in Montana are around for generations to come.

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