Hot Weather ahead and good fishing out on the Missouri – Helena Area Fishing Report
By Kelsey

Posted: August 3, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie from Bob Ward & Sons, saying, get out on the Missouri or the HELENA lakes, this weekend—just take extra sunscreen along!

The teeny tiny “cooling trend” (at least into the lower 80’s, a SWEET relief!) will go away over the weekend, & we’re back to HOTT with a Capital H & 2 T’s again for about a week…afternoon temps will make dry flies a MORNING or early EVENING pasttime, but you can NYMPH in the heat of the afternoon if you find a nice shady spot for yourself!  The ever-reliable MISSOURI RIVER is fishing, as you may expect, VERY well…it’s most definitely Trico season here…add that to sensational Caddis swarms & the increasing Hopper activity, & you’ve got a GREAT morning of it!  Try a Tan Spent Caddis, a Pink or Yellow Morrish Hopper or a Beige Hi Vis Hopper, size 14-16 on all, for some whopping results!  For Nymphs, Wire worms, Pink or Purple San Juans in a 10, or a sz 16 PMD emerger are the best go-tos!

The Lakes are sporting Walleye, Trout & Perch…decent catches of all have been reported in the store this week!  On CANYON FERRY, diving raps fished from the surface, or fire tiger & perch patterns for crankbaits have all seen their share of success, along with Powerbati rigs fished about a foot off the bottom.  Same for HOLTER, try maybe a Lindy rig tipped with a worm to catch your Perch limit…stick close to the Dams, in any case!

Wade on into the HELENA Bob Wards for Hodgman waders & wading accessories on sale starting TODAY!  Then get up to the Camp Mak-A-Dream-sponsored Benefit Walleye Tourney on CANYON FERRY from 7 to 3 on Sat…you still have time to call Peggy @ 406-855-8432 for details! Too hot to fish? Road-trip down Butte-way & join Bob Wards for Shooters Sunday on Aug 5 @ the Butte Gun Club near Rocker…the event runs from 10 am to 4 pm, & is, literally, a BLAST!  Check with the Helena Store for details…we’ll see ya one place or the other!  Next week….terrestrials explode on the scene & we’ll tell you everything we know about it!  Happy sporting!