Karl Tyler With A Nice Alaskan Sheep
By Matt Schauer

Posted: August 23, 2012

Earlier this week, I stopped by to say hi to Jason Nordberg, the GM of Karl Tyler Chevrolet. I had some questions on shooting my bow and Jason has always been a big help in giving me some valuable input.

While I was there, I also said hi to Karl Tyler, who had just got back from a sheep hunt in Alaska. In fact, the taxidermist was also there to pick up the sheep to get it mounted for Karl. I took that opportunity take a photo of the horns.

“It was a really nice trip and the outfitter out of Big Timber, Montana, Mike Colpo was great to be with,”  Karl said.  “He has one of the finest outfitter camps that I have been in, everything was first class.”

Karl bought the hunt a couple years ago when he attended a Montana Wild Sheep Foundation (MWSF) Banquet. The hunt was donated by Colpo’s Lazy J Bar O Outtitters. Mike Colpo is also on the board of directors of MWSF.


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