Monster Trout – 29 1/2 pound, 42 incher in the Flathead Lake Fishing Report
By Kelsey

Posted: August 7, 2012

Liz Ulrigg caught the monster trout while fishing Flathead Lake recently. It was a whopper weighing 29.5 pounds and 42 inches long. Lake trout fishing has slowed a little bit in the past three days.

“We have been fishing all morning and had one fish on so far”, said Bob Culp from Frenchtown.

Culps fishing party had been fishing around the mid-lake to south end area. They had tried the dead-bait set-up earlier in the day and when I talked to him he was trolling around Painted Rocks. Last I heard from the Mop Fisch guys they were having luck north on the River Delta where the Flathead River comes into the lake.