New Affiliate Radio Station in Dillon: MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By Matt Schauer

Posted: August 19, 2012

Well we hit another milestone for the Montana Outdoor Radio Show. Radio station KDBM 1490AM out of Dillon has started to air our Saturday morning broadcast. That brings the total of radio stations carrying the show to 22 across the state. We welcome the folks in Dillon and we hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoy doing it. Let me take this opportunity to say thanks to all the radio stations across the state that air our show we really appreciate it.  See all our affiliate stations here.

Just heard from Jim Vashro fisheries biologist FWP Region 1 about the lack of the whitefish bite on Flathead Lake again. He is in his words “The mystery continues, I keep getting tantalizing reports. Chancy at Snappys says one angler caught 40 in front of the hatchery, another angler caught 15 at the delta. Sportsman Ski Haus says they are hearing of some at Woods Bay and at Big Arm Bay. It appears the LWF are a little deeper than normal (50’-60’) and the perch are smaller than normal. That would fit with our thoughts on delayed growth.”

B.C. from Kalispell won a free entry into the Great MT Mack Attack on Flathead Lake and a $10 gift card from Montana Club just by listening to the show Saturday when he was the lucky caller during our contest. The tournament slated to take place this next weekend August 25-26 on Flathead Lake and is headquartered out of Somers at the Vista Linda. For tickets call Gene Fincher 406 261-6445

The Twisted Tea “Hot Fishing Spot of the Week” is Noxon Reservoir (shown in the picture above). John at Lakeside reports that the bass, northern pike and walleye are all on the bite.

Also congratulations to Diana O’Brien from Helena and Marvin Hofer from Sanford! They were the latest winners on the Kendall Four Seasons Subaru statewide trivia that we do twice every Saturday morning on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show. Read listen and win with The Montana Outdoor Radio Show and

Have good week and be safe!