Big Ugly Wooly Buggers are Pulling in the Trout on Holter: Helena Area Outdoor Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 29, 2012

Hi, it’s Angie from Bob Ward & Sons, so can you HEAR the HELENA area calling your name? The fishin’s decent, c’mon over!

CANYON FERRY & HOLTER are ramping up the trout action, so feed ’em some big uglies….Wooly Buggers, any of your Whitefish patterns, a dark Double Bunny or a Minnow imitation (we like the Bellyache Minnow in a Fire Tiger pattern, sz 2) are what we’re hearing as GOOD go-tos…Gold or Copper colored spoons for you spin guys have produced as well! Walleye reports are hit n’ miss, but still worth the attempt near the Dams, where there are less weedy conditions. Perch colored Crankbaits, good old GULP!, or your favorite jigs fished deep are still the “tried & true” methodology….heck, it’s a day on the Lakes! What could be bad about that?

Dry Flies are back in action on the MISSOURI River…Baetis are coming off at the moment, & atttractors in smaller sizes are a great choice…or try a Royal or Parawulff in around a 16….sz 18 Soft Wet Hackles have had their share of success too! Try Reds or Rustys for colors…it IS weedy in parts of the river, so watch for this, especially if you elect to Nymph, which is still going fairly strong on the MO…best nymph bugs are PMD emergers, San Juans & Scuds, maybe a Silver Lightning Bug….try sizes 14 thru 18 & see what catches their fancy!

Stayin’ in town? We’ll be at the Bob Wards store to help you get your Fall sports game on, from fishing needs to hunting gear to Montana college ball apparel….our customers do it all, & we like it that way! Come see us, then head out! See you, sunny or cloudy, on the water! I’ll swing by again next week w/more.

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