Bugles, Blue Grouse and a Black Bear: Report from Kit’s Tackle
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 19, 2012

Man, what a great weekend to report from the field! My dad and I headed into the woods chasing our daydreams of big bulls.

First, I must point out, it is now just past mid-September and the elk are going nuts. All weekend, the woods were a symphony of bugles until 2:00 p.m.

On Sunday, after chasing what sounded like a monstrous bugling bull, over two mountains, we finally closed the gap to his comfort zone. Letting out a bugle, he started screaming his head off and charged across the mountain at us. I was set up perfect, in a grove of jack pines, as he ranted down the trail. As his gleaming black horns started weaving through the timber towards me, I could see he was a small 6 point bull. An amazing bull for this country, but I decided I was going to let him walk.

He came in textbook, presenting a broadside shot at 27 yards. Dad cow called him and he stopped perfectly. Let me just say, I now know how strong my will power is. What an amazing experience…especially with my dad in the middle of Montana wilderness. Although, I did have to run from dad who was kicking me for not shooting the bull.

After we both calmed down, we high fived for the awesome experience and headed out after a long weekend.

On the way out, we must have stumbled across a blue grouse jamboree because they were everywhere. We managed to shoot five blues to make up for the bull I let walk away.

Getting within a mile or so of the truck in a beautiful bottom, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There stood a gorgeous little charcoal black bear mowing down grass. We were within forty yards of him and he didn’t even care we were there.

I knocked an arrow, as he turned towards us and lay down putting his head between his paws looking at us. I couldn’t get my arrow back in the quiver fast enough; it was the cutest damn thing I have ever seen. Talking to him gently, he finally got up and mosied over to the creek and drank for over a minute.

This was one of the neatest things I’ve encountered in some years in the woods. He was a friendly little fellar, who didn’t want to get shot. Some things under heaven are just cooler than hell!

So cheers to Mother Nature and good luck in the field and on the water!

This post was written by Trevor Johnson, of Kit’s Tackle

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