Captain Bob Says “The Fishing is Still Good on Flathead Lake”
By Hookemharry

Posted: September 3, 2012

We received a short fishing report from Captain Bob of Mo Fisch Charters for Flathead Lake. For you fisherman who are pushing to get as many productive days on the water before the cold weather hits, this could be your best bet.

Captain Bob Says:

“The fishing remains good on Flathead Lake. Fishing the Eastside of the center bar. Fish 120-200′ on the bottom. Also you will have luck going after suspended fish. Look for them on your fish finder and try and place your lure above the lake trout for best results.”

Bob normally uses this type of set-up:

  • Try trolling a dodger houchies combo in either white houchies or green/white combination. (Ultra violet)
  • #0 dodger from Silver Horde in #013 hammered, #790, and 793 all hammered.
  • #35 Octopus, houchies, in # 9012 ultra violet, #4014 all work well tied 18-23” behind the dodger.
  • Look for fish suspended in the 60 to 80’ depths over 120 to 300’ of water.
  • Early morning and later afternoon/evening is a good time to catch these fish suspended feeding on the shrimp in the deep water.

Report Source: Captain Bob @ Mo Fisch Charters