Captain is ready for another Archery Elk Hunting Trip with Burke Ranch Outfitters
By Kelsey

Posted: September 20, 2012

Last year the Captain was invited to join Burke Ranch Outfitters on his first ever archery elk hunting trip.

After drawing a tag for Hunting District 620 the Captain started to prepare for his elk trip.

He practiced shooting his bow under the guidance of Shawn Plakke from Superior, who also gives an elk hunting tip of the week on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show. Jason Nordberg from Potomac also helped with his input to prepare the Captain for his first ever archery elk  hunt.

Then Kelly and Tami Burke sent the Captain a list of items he would need while in hunting camp. Over the last year a lot of folks have asked the Captain what was the elk camp like that he went to. There are many camps set up by outfitters and hunters across Montana. They all have their own personalities and favorite amenities. We thought it would help you understand how the Burke Ranch Elk Camp set-up looks and works by viewing a short video.

Pictured left is Stephen Russell who took a Missouri Breaks Elk with Burke Ranch Outfitters and shared it with us this last Monday.

We hope you enjoy this video as it tell a lot of what kind of hunting experience you will have with Kelly and Tami Burke. The Captain plans on visiting the elk camp again the last week of September. He got lucky last year thanks to Kelly Burke and he hopes that he gets yet another opportunity to harvest an elk this year with Burke Ranch Outfitters.

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[youtube id=”6hriTJ9iwSc” width=”600″ height=”350″]