How to Create Campfire Cupcakes – Treat of the Week
By Kelsey

Posted: September 27, 2012

Last time I shared how to make Camo Cupcakes with you – CLICK HERE if you are itching to find out and you missed it!

This week I have found a very cute way to make Campfire Cupcakes! You can take the easy route or get your artsy juices flowing a create the most beautiful edible campfire around!

Most of these options use:

  • pretzel sticks as wood
  • a mixture of red/orange/yellow frosting for the flames
  • toothpicks as marshmallow roasting sticks
  • and mini marshmallows for the marshmallows

Advanced options include:

  • rock candy for the rocks around the firepit
  • dipping the pretzel sticks in chocolate to show the contrast of the burnt areas of the firewood
  • paper cutout on a toothpick of a flame
  • sugar candy pieces colored orange/red/yellow broken up into pieces as the flames

There can be so many different delicious elements to your edible campfire! What better to put them all on top of a delicious cupcake?!

Enjoy! Don’t burn your tongues!

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