Mountain Goat Taken with 175 Yard Shot by Missoula Hunter | #Hunting
By Hookemharry

Posted: September 5, 2012

Chris Kovatch and Robert Hanneman accompanied Josh Stewart of Missoula to Hunting District 329 on the opening day of Mountain Goat season in Montana. Stewart who had drawn a tag for a mountain goat had never been in this kind of country before,

“I have been on some steep mountains before hunting elk but this was by far the most challenging terrain, I am glad I had two of my best friends with me because it was rough terrain”.

They hiked four miles in to an elevation of 9500 feet. After they set up camp on Saturday they decided to start hunting and get a lay of the land. “We actually spotted a billy and nanny goat on Saturday afternoon but then a thunderstorm rolled through with lightning and hail so suddenly we found ourselves running back to our camp”, said Stewart. The next morning it was time to head back out. They went to the same area that they had been the day before in hopes that the goats would still be around. They were! They were feeding in a steep. steep bowl at about 9800 feet. “I decided to set up and try and get a shot at the mountain billy goat,” added Stewart, ” “when I looked through my scope I couldn’t see anything, but after some adjustment I realized it was sun glare”.

Once Stewart had them in his rifle scope he put a bullet in its right shoulder. “I think it was about 175 yard shot, I fired twice hitting it both times in the shoulder area, with the second shot he rolled and slid down an avalanche chute where we caped it and quartered it”. Stewart said it was a great hunting experience and he was thankful to have his buddies by his side.