New World Record Bighorn Sheep – Looks Promising
By Hookemharry

Posted: September 10, 2012

Hi, just got back from the Breaks with Bow hunter Jim Hens, his wife Sue and two Boys

Jim had assembled a good group of sheep hunters. He brought his friend Dustin Roe down from canada, his Camera man and friend Tyler Johnerson. Also had Willie out doing some pre-season scouting and helping on the hunt, also his friend and taxidermist Chris was there to help out, and myself. Jim was hoping to take a World Record with a bow and we think he did it. He shot a great ram at 84 yds after Tyler stopped him with a sheep grunt. It was very exciting and a great accomplishment for Jim. The ram scored 202 2/8 green. Jim also has the world record stone and desert sheep with a bow. Everyone involved had a great time and a great hunt. The Outfiter was Chris Fabor who did a great job and bent over backwards to see that everyone had a good hunt.

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