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Perfect Storm Taking Toll On Non-Resident Hunter Numbers
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 1, 2012

When deciding where to spend their hunting season, it is no secret that non-resident hunters are being more selective. Montana and Idaho are two states that are feeling the pinch.

Wolves, the economy and weather make a huge impact on the out-of-state hunting business of selling licenses.

The loss of revenue doesn’t stop at the states Fish and Game Departments. It trickles down to Main Street, where small town merchants are hurt the most.

Rich Landers, of the Spoksman-Review, reported that $3.5 million in Idaho license revenue vaporized last year because it could not sell all of its allotted nonresident deer and elk tags.

Read Landers article here and see what Montana and Idaho fish and game folks have to say about the business of non-resident hunting.