Bald Eagle Over The Bitterroot River: MORS Picture of the Week
By Matt Schauer

Posted: October 17, 2012

In late August, I was floated the Bitterroot River with my roommate.  We put in at the Stevensville bridge and were floating to Florence.  We were near the end of our float and the sun was low in the sky, when my roommate points out a bald eagle flying across the river.  I stumbled to grab my camera, focus and shoot, but missed it.

Dang, it’s always a challenge to capture birds of prey. Then we looked back to the snag along the river and a second eagle is perched.  We float by and the eagle takes off (shown in the outtake on left.)  It flys directly in front of us and right into this incredible golden sunlight.

I tracked it with my camera and probably shot 6 or 7 images, as it flew across the river.  When I uploaded the pictures to my computer, everything came together in the image above.


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