Big Signs of Big Bulls on Big Trees
By angelamontana

Posted: October 9, 2012

When you’re elk hunting, looking for tracks, beds and scat are second nature.  But, do you always look for and/or notice signs of rubs?  Some people believe that the bigger the tree, the bigger the bull.

This particular rub excited Montana hunter, Jeff Hobirk, so much that he took a picture of it.  In this area, the trees that the elk typically rub are about half the diameter of this tree.   This rub implies that the bull that was marking his territory, or trying to scrape the velvet off his antlers on this tree, was pretty big.

By the end of the hunting trip, Jeff and his hunting buddies did end up seeing a few bulls, but not the massive bull they believe ravaged this tree.  So, for them, the hunt for this big bull will continue and so will the hunt for more signs of his rubs.

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