Fun Time of Year for Any Outdoorsman: Captain’s Column
By Matt Schauer

Posted: October 4, 2012

Well, hunting season is in full swing, at least it is for me.  I’ve been busy archery and waterfowl hunting, along with trying to fit in a day of fishing.

My recent outdoor activity took me to Eastern Montana to fish Fort Peck Reservoir. Then south of Malta, archery hunting for elk.  And finally back to Western Montana, in Charlo, for our 14th annual Montana Outdoor Radio Show Goose Blind Broadcast last Saturday.

This week, I am in Canada waterfowl hunting with Montana based Montana and Canada High Plains Adventure, which is located just outside of Swift Current, in the province of Saskatchewan. Then this weekend, I will travel down to antelope hunt in the 700 hunting district near Jordan.

So yes, it is a very fun time of the year for me, with plenty of adventure just about everywhere I turn.

The fishing on Fort Peck was about as good as it can get. Together with Bill and Neil from Rock Marina in we managed to catch and release 62 fish in one day. Most of the fish we caught were northern pike 24 inches to 35 ½ inches in length.

Then Sunday it was off elk hunting with Burke Ranch Outfitters south of Malta. Most of my archery hunting was done out of a tree stand or sitting in a blind next to a watering hole. The elk just were not moving the four days I was in elk camp, so the best I could do was see 6 elk from about 600 yards away.

The other two hunters in the elk camp faired a better. They ended up shooting a bull elk, and also got into elk about every day.

My next stop took me all the way to Charlo for our Goose Blind Broadcast last Saturday morning from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

The Wednesday before, I received a call from the host of the event Jaye Johnson, of Charlo. Johnson, who scouts geese days before the actual goose shoot, told me that he thought this would be the best goose and duck hunt we have ever had over the 14 years.

“There has been about 500 geese landing, along with the most ducks I have seen in a long while, in a field for the last few days,” Johnson said. That call was on Wednesday night.

Then on Friday morning, I received a call Friday from a more pessimistic sounding Johnson this time.

“I have some bad news, a coyote chased the geese on Thursday morning after they had landed in the field and the geese and ducks have not returned since.” That was not the news I wanted to hear the day before the broadcast. “I spotted 51 geese in another field, so that looks like where we will be setting up the blind,” Johnson said.

This blind is designed to accommodate 18 hunters, so we always put it up the day before the hunt.

Now the good news! Everything worked out and we ended up with 16 geese that morning and then Saturday and Sunday morning another 16 geese were taken. For a picture of the blind and hunters log onto


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