Kaiden Thomas Shoots Again, but this time Harvests His First Elk
By Kelsey

Posted: October 31, 2012

Kaiden Thomas is the 12 year old grandson of hunting and fishing friends of the Captain, Connie and Marvin. He has had quite the first year of hunting. Recently we posted about his opening day mule deer which he shot at 860 yards (CLICK HERE to read that story).

Only a week or two and he has harvested yet another. His newest kill is a yearling cow elk. He shot this elk at 25 yards, with his 2506, he made yet another great shot.

Not only did he get a mule deer and elk but you can’t ignore his turkey!

His family has had great luck as well. Pictured below is Annie Thomas and her nice big dry cow elk shot at 250 yards.

Though Connie hasn’t found her big bull yet, she has been turning down a few smaller ones waiting for her monster elk.

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