Missoula Hunter Bags A Nice Moose
By Matt Schauer

Posted: October 12, 2012

After over a week of scouting in Northwest Montana, Grant Winn II, of Missoula, harvested a nice bull from 150 yards.  All the scouting payed off and Winn had a successful Montana moose hunt.

Here is how he described his hunt:

“I scouted this area for 8 days prior to the season. This is the East Cabinets, near Libby, and most of it is wilderness, very beautiful. I really wanted to get the moose with a bow and I spent 9 days there by myself archery hunting. I had one very, close call (under 20 yards) but no shot.

I returned last weekend and three miles into the hunt I heard this bull grunting. We called back and forth, but he wasn’t coming in. I was finally able to spot him standing in the alders and took him at 150 yards.

In my 19 days in this area I saw a total of 6 moose. There are plenty of moose there, but the vegetation is so thick, it’s hard to see them. Thanks to Chuck Cline, Butch McGuire and my son Hunter for helping me pack him out.”

Congratulations from all of us at MontanaOutdoor.com and the Montana Outdoor Radio Show Crew.