FWP Offers Nonresident Montana Native Hunting Licenses
By angelamontana

Posted: November 19, 2012

Attention nonresident Montana-born hunters with immediate family residing in Montana!  Check out the information below posted on the FWP website:

Were you born in Montana, but now live out-of-state and have an immediate family member who is a resident? If so, these Nonresident Montana Native Hunting licenses may be available to you at substantially reduced prices.

  • General Elk – $80
  • General Deer – $64
  • Upland Game Bird – $30


To qualify you must provide ALL of the following:

  • A birth certificate verifying your birth in Montana, or documentation that you were born to parents who were residents of Montana;
  • and proof of possessing a previous Montana resident hunting or fishing license, or proof of passage of  Montana’s hunter education course;
  • and proof that you are a nonresident relative of a Montana resident who is your natural or adoptive sibling, child or parent.

Applying for a License

Apply for this license in person at any FWP office (family members cannot apply for other family members). Applications must be completed before they are presented to an FWP office.

Click HERE for more information and to download the Nonresident Montana Native Hunting License Application.

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