Gear – Dragging Ropes
By Kamp Cook

Posted: November 10, 2012

We recently received a letter from Chuck Bostrom out of Lewistown, claiming that he has the cure for our game dragging woes. He has fashioned a simple contraption that will make the art of dragging your critter out of the hills easier.

According to Chuck’s letter

“In my own experience, I had the frustration of tearing up one’s appendages while trying to drag out a critter with a piece of rope…. I guess a broom handle would work well as a dowel and orange cord.

Chuck also adds

I also have another substance that works miraculously well – elk repellant. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but, it is infallible. I can clear a mountain of elk just by thinking about going there – remarkable stuff.

Thanks to Chuck for sharing with us something you can make at home that is perfect for your pack.

Chuck’s simple contraption