Katie Ward’s Buck in the Backyard – Montana Hunting Season 2012
By Kelsey

Posted: November 26, 2012

Katie Ward, my mother, got a nice buck right in her back yard (field) outside of Sheridan, Montana.

It was just an ordinary day for Katie in the shop along side her husband filling screw holes and painting some antler chandeliers when she looks out the window and sees that buck that has been around for a couple days. She thinks to her herself ‘By golly I think that buck’s mine, all mine!”. It only took her a matter of minutes to get her rifle, get her orange vest and get out the door. The sneak was on.

She side stepped, crawled on her knees, rolled a few times in the thicket, and got to the perfect distance and place to aim by the hay bales. She was about 50 yards away, and got him in one shot! That wasn’t the only hit she made, the scope just about broke her nose! If you can see in her picture, Katie was left with quite the face wound!

Now will she take those antlers and make herself a nice new lighting fixture for her new house under construction? I bet she will!

Mother, I am proud of you! Just don’t hit yourself in the face! I am glad it didn’t affect my Thanksgiving meal!

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