Looking for Update on Yellowstone National Park Potential Record Ram
By angelamontana

Posted: November 13, 2012

Back in the early 80’s, a couple of hunters went to a taxidermist in Dillon to drop off an animal.  While at the shop, they noticed a huge ram on the wall with a few other animals.

After asking about the ram, they were told that it was one of the largest to come out of Montana.  The horns were never broken because he had never fought, as he was blind.  This ram allegedly spent his life in Yellowstone Park following an ewe around and being watched by the park rangers until his death from natural causes.

His body was supposedly taken to this particular taxidermist in Dillon, MT where a lawsuit resulted between Montana and Wyoming.  The suit was filed because the head of the ram was taken out of a national park and also both states believed it belonged to them.  The taxidermist didn’t allow pictures to be taken, due to the controversy over the ram, but one of the hunters still snapped the above picture.

Does anybody have any updated information about this particular ram?  It would be interesting to learn the outcome of the lawsuit, if there actually was a lawsuit, and to find out where the ram is displayed now, 30 years later.

Thank you for your help!