Mystery Animal Footprint – Camo Face Paint – and still no cigar
By Kelsey

Posted: November 2, 2012

The Captains nephews Robert (first photo) and Micheal (second photo) Frost recently went hunting. Before they ventured out Micheal asked his older brother Robert if he was ready to get camo”d up.

You will see by the pictures that they did a fine job of face painting. If the pictures tell the story Micheal looks to be liking the results of his face job more than Micheal.

They were unsuccessful in their hunting trip that day but they did run across a animal footprint (blackbear or grizzly?) that was over their boot prints as they made their way back out of the woods..Do you know what animal belongs to the footprint and what do you think of face painting as a tool to help you in the hunt?


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