Rainbows Hitting on McGregor Lake: Montana Fishing Report
By Matt Schauer

Posted: November 18, 2012

Northwest Montana Fishing Report

Chancy at Snappy’s says anglers have been hitting McGregor Lake trolling along the shoreline using rapalas and flies picking up some decent rainbows. Shore fishing with mellows, worms, and power bait. There’s been a few reports on Macks in at about 80 to 100 feet of water. Beaver Chain Lakes out of Whitefish is doing well for folks using power bait, worms, and mellows. The Whitefish are still in the river from Columbia falls down to the River, and be sure to watch what you’re catching because the Bulls have to go back. Church and Fennon Slough off the river are picking up some good pike in the slower water. Chancy says November 17th is Snappy’s 65th Anniversary Celebration with ice fishing seminars.

North Central Montana Fishing Report

Leonard from Roberts Bait and tackle says they got about 18 inches out of the snow storm last week. The elk have been elusive for hunters so far this season, and Timber’s had some good reports for walleye on a jig and a minnow. Leonard says it won’t be but a week or 2 before the ice board will be set up this season. If you have any questions or need rod & reel repair call Leonard 406-454-1877.

Southwest Montana Fishing Report

Shelby from Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon says hunting season has really picked up in the Dillon Lima area. A lot more elk are moving into the flats are making it easier for folks to get shots off. If you’re in the Dillon area, stop into Rocky Mountain Supply for more information or call 406-683-2308.