Thankful for Thanksgiving Recap with Montana Grant
By Kelsey

Posted: November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Time!

As our hunting season winds down, it’s time to think about what we were thankful for this season. We need to celebrate the highlights of the season so we can look forward to the next. Sadly, a hunter has only so many seasons in a lifetime. Each year is one less.

I am Thankful;

That this year wasn’t my last!

For harvesting a great mulie buck on the last Saturday of the season.

That I could still drag that mulie buck a long ways without having a heart attack!

For having good hunting buddies and friends. They are harder to find and keep than a wife!

That my hunting gear held up for another season! Now I can spend more money on fishing stuff.

That ice fishing is just about here! There is something cool about pulling fish out of a 6 inch hole.

We can still go pheasant hunting for a while.

That in Montana, we can still have the freedom to hunt in such a beautiful, bountiful and wild place. It is so important that we do not take our freedoms for granted. Plan to help protect our environs, take a kid outdoors, and don’t waste a season!

Tight Lines,

Montana Grant

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