Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 12/18/12
By angelamontana

Posted: December 19, 2012


Please be advised that ice conditions can change daily so please call the contact person in the area you

are planning on fishing for current daily information.  Also, use extreme caution on the ice at all times.

Good luck fishing from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.

BiII -Rock Creek Marina 1-406-485-2560

There is ice is in the Back Bay but it is now only one inch due to wind conditions. The front section

only froze last night but not safe. “No fishing here yet.” reports Bill of Rock creek Marina.

Bob Peterson-Tongue River Reservoir

Ice fishing on the South end has been happening. Rattlesnake to mine office has been catching crappies.

Walk only on ice. There is still some open water on other north end

Clint Thomas- Hell Creek Marina 1-406- 557-2345

Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir

No report available

Gene Moore Lake ridge Motel 1-406-526-3597

Fort Peck Reservoir Dam/Bear Creek/Pines/

Gene Moore, of Lake Ridge says ” It is cold up here.” The lake is just too cold to fish. There is a small

amount of ice at the dredge cut. Only a few places to get on the ice. Bay is not froze over yet.

Lake Elmo Billings

This warden has had to chase kids off as it was cracking as they were walking on it. Just not

safe at all. There is open water, maybe an acre or so. If you like watching geese this is the time to come

to watch .

Cooney Reservoir Jenn

The ice is 5-6 inches toward Fisherman’s Point. That is between Red Lodge campground and Fisherman

point. The whole “Willow Creek Arm”. It is walk only. Towards the dam it is thin, just not safe to go on

yet. The docks have been pulled. The new Park Warden, Maleri Schultz said, “The fishermen tell me

fishing has been slow. They have caught a few trout and an 18 inch ling.”

DeadmanslMartinsdale Justin

Martinsdale has good ice. The ice is good but not many fishermen fishing yet.

Deadmans has good ice and they are “spanking salmon”. Many are limiting out so this is the place to


Don’s Lewistown – Charlie

Dale says” they are ice fishing from Malta and doing good on Northern pike, perch but walleye is real

slow.” Other ice is real “punky”.

Crooked Creek – Grant

According to fishermen it has ice but the water is really shallow, 4 to 5 feet deep. They are catching

Northern Pike there. No supplies available at this time.

Lewistown Sports – Dave

All of the local waters around here have 2-3 inches for ice fishing. That is Hanson Creek, East Fork

Reservoir, and Casio Creek Reservoir. They are catching all rainbow trout and it is walk only.

Minnow Bucket – Allen Camarillo 348-2440

People are saying the southend is fishing good. Guys are coming in here for big minnows to use there.

People are fishing at Nelson up by Malta he has heard. Someone caught a big pike there he was told.

Silos – Sharon

There is almost ice to walk on. A few people are shore fishing but as that is diminishing. Feel free to call

for an ice report .

Tongue – Bob Pederson

On the South end it is forming good enough ice to get on. There is ice on Rattlesnake. They are catching

walleye and crappie over to the mine office. Walking only for use. The North end is open water. The

far North has started to close but not safe at all. The gates on the south end have been added to the

fence in 2 places off the highway. You must close the gate and walk in only are the rules.

UWest Side Sports -Dan 1-406-654-1611

Nelson has ice and people are catching pike and Northerns. The ice is 10 inches and they are using

minnows to catch fish. The west end is not on too much but the ice is picking up.

Forchette is not frozen yet.

Billings – Scheels

The Yellowstone River towards Nelson has smaller chunks of ice now.

There is ice fishing at Crooked Creek but of course the water is only 4 to 5 feet deep. He has heard they

are catching Northern Pike.

Nelson Reservoir by Malta has ice of 10 to 12 inches right now. They are catching perch, northern pike

and walleye.