The Biggest Catch in North America?!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 26, 2012

(photo above courtesy of Canadian Press)

The Huffington Post in Canada reported that a sturgeon caught in the Fraser River, in Vancouver, British Columbia, could be the biggest fish ever caught for sport in North America.

A couple from Salisbury, England, Michael and Margaret Snell, returned to Vancouver for a fishing trip, not expecting to catch the trophy of a lifetime.  This record sturgeon ended up measuring 3.8 meters, converted to 12 feet and 5 and some change inches.  It weighed in at around 1,100 pounds.

According to the article, Michael struggled for approximately 45 minutes before actually seeing the dinosaur fish surface.  The fish ended up being nearly as big as their boat!

The Snell’s guide, Dean Werk, noticed that this giant white sturgeon had not been tagged, which meant it had most likely not been caught before.  He also estimated the fish was approximately 100 years-old.

Still realizing the incredible size of his record catch, Michael said he couldn’t even get his arms around the fish’s head.

The three anglers did release the fish after they got some pictures.  How’s that for a day of fishing?

Click HERE for original Huffington Post article.

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