Winter Has Arrived: MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By Matt Schauer

Posted: December 9, 2012

Winter is here and much of Montana is now covered in snow.  I hope everyone got out and skied, this weekend, because just about every resort was hit by the storm. I went to Lost Trail on Saturday and had an amazing bluebird powder day to start the season.

Check out the new MORS ski report page, you can find all the latest snow reports from the Montana ski resorts near you.

The most poplar story, this week, on, was about a mountain lion canine tooth found in the skull of an elk.  Look at pictures and read the story here.

The second most visited post was about Denny Tipps, who harvested a really cool non-typical Montana white-tailed buck with four antlers.  Read the report and see a picture here.

This is a great story about a successful Montana hunting season for the whole family. Read the story and see pictures here.

Congratulations to Laurie Smith, of Kalispel, MT and Kevin Kennaugh, of Poplar, MT! They were the latest winners on the Kendall Four Seasons Subaru statewide trivia. Be sure to tune in to the MONTANA OUTDOOR RADIO SHOW for your chance to win every Saturday morning.


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Have a great week.


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