Assault Rock for Sale on Ebay…Yes–Caveman Style AR-15
By angelamontana

Posted: January 11, 2013

My friend, Nina Corelli, recently forwarded me a link to an assault weapon that is for sale on Ebay.  I chuckled when I saw it was for an assault ROCK, and clicked the link to check it out, thinking it was one of those spoof things.  I was wrong!

It turns out Nina’s friend is selling this deadly weapon on Ebay, and it has 69 bids that is making the cost of this assault rock comparable to some guns for sale.  So, what is so special about the rock that is making people bid on it?  The title and description is all I can find.

I think it is hilarious that there is a “Caveman’s AR15 Assault Rock” for sale, AND that people are bidding on it.  Additionally, this particular “assault weapon” will most likely not ever be banned.

Check out a few of the questions and responses from the listing below:

                Jan 10, 2013

Q: This looks like a Rock River Arms weapon. Can you verify?

A: It is a LaRock Tactical. I only deal in high-end rocks.

               Jan 10, 2013

Q: Pending an all out assault weapon ban, will this Ar-15 be safe to bury if the government decides to confiscate?

A: If they ban rocks, it’s time to secede!

                Jan 10, 2013

Q: Is this the same style assault rock that I see the Palestinians use on TV or a different model?

A: Those are mostly sandstone. This AR15 is metamorphic and thus much denser. Think 45-70 vs. 22LR.

                Jan 10, 2013

Q: How much carbon build up is present in this AR15 and how easily do you think it can be removed? I would hate for this weapon to jam.

A: It has not yet been carbon-dated but based on the half-life of carbon -14 at ~5750 years, this AR15 will only become more reliable as it ages.

Click here for the actual listing, and if you are interested in a “high-end” assault rock, maybe you should even bid on it!

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