Butte/Bozeman Recreation Report by Bob Ward & Sons 1-25-13
By angelamontana

Posted: January 25, 2013

Hi, this is Angie from Bob Ward & Sons, with the latest & greatest on fishing the beautiful BUTTE & BOZEMAN areas:

Butte declares that Clark Canyon has been fishing hot this week, especially for ling in the deeper water near the dam.

Sucker meat is the best bait, suspended about 18” off the bottom.

Rapala vertical jigs # 5 or #9 in Rainbow trout patterns with a square of Mike’s Shrimp Scent has been working great for trout.

The Ruby has been producing some 12 to 17” rainbows this past week. Glo Hooks with maggots or a blue Swedish pimple has been the best bait and jig.

Delmoe Lake has been good fishing! Pink and white marabou jigs or pink and white nuclear ants were the hot attractants.

Georgetown Lake slowed down a little last week. The fish are biting, but not as actively as they had been. Shrimp is good bait for the Kokannee. Glo Hooks tipped with maggots or egg sacs were the best for trout.

Discovery Basin Ski Area by Anaconda is skiing on Packed Powder and Groomed trails.

They have  25” at the bottom and 45” at the top. 7 lifts are open, skiing on 51 trails.

Drop into Bob Ward in Butte to pick up your lift tickets!


Bozeman says SPEAKING of hot fishing:

Upper Madison River is fishing okay, sticking to the slower waters, & the waters near Ennis, are your best bet for this river.

Lower Madison River, similarly, should have the slower waters fished, using nymphs like yuk bugs and crayfish and worms or slow strip your favorite big Ugly!

Yellowstone is doing well…we hear the fish seem to be sticking to the deeper waters, of course, & using nymphs will produce the best results…tho if there are a few sunny afternoons, watch for the Midge hatches & any fish looking up!

On the Gallatin River, our favorite winter fishery, target the deeper slower water with your stoneflies trailed by a baetis nymph or midge larva, but egg patterns and worms are also darn decent to try!

On Hyalite, fishing off any point there in 20′ to about 35′ of water is super productive, 12 to 15′ off bottom Move or work your bait often, don’t let it stagnate!

As for the sensational Bozeman area skiing, try to hit the slopes early in the morning; the coverage is good in all three areas, but as the day goes on, the harder the snow pack is.

Bridger has a base depth of 35 inches and no new snow, & is pretty icy and hard packed.

Big Sky, with a base depth of 37 inches with no new snow, is receiving some thumbs up–with the warmer temps the ride is significantly smoother.

Moonlight has a base depth of 40 inches with no new snow in the last 48 hours….the temp is staying a bit cooler on this northern slope, but always still an enjoyable outing.

Heading into Bob Wards is an enjoyable outing as well…not only do you get to delight in our excellent, top-tech products, but you get to see our smiling faces welcoming you, too!  Stop on by…and be sure to stop by & hear my report next week as well!  Have a successful week outdoors!

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