Ice Fishing Success Near Lewistown, Montana
By angelamontana

Posted: January 17, 2013

Ed Althoff and Frankie Siroky recently took an ice fishing trip to Lower Carter’s Pond,  just  north of Lewistown,  Montana.   The cold Montana temperatures did not deter these guys from getting out on the ice!

Ed  jigged a  Perch Darter for his line, and Frankie used corn in the 12 feet of water they were fishing.  This worked for both of them, as they both got bites!  “These are nice pink meat fish”, Frankie said about their catches.

The ice was about 12 inches thick where they were, and they each had propane heaters that kept them nice and warm during their trip.

It’s great to see successful ice fishing stories!   Thank you for sharing, Frankie!