The Famous Snobar 2013 – Big Sky Resort
By Kelsey

Posted: January 11, 2013

Have you ever danced in a bar made completely of snow? Well tomorrow is the first of the two nights of  the famous Snobar, yes, a bar made completely of snow and ice! I would have to say it just really might be the coolest bar in the rockies, literally!

Big Sky Resort puts on this Snobar two times a year. It is always a huge hit, and full of dancing, ice luges and a good time. You don’t need to worry about staying warm if you are getting down on the dance floor in your down coat, it is definitely a new challenge to work your dance moves in the snow. You definitely just stay in your ski gear and plan on slipping around,  it is a great finish to a long day of shredding.

So get your turns in, get bundled up and get your glow sticks dancing tomorrow night at the famous Big Sky Resort Snobar!

CLICK HERE to see the video Big Sky Resort posted of Snobar.

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